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A Bintany Time! Part 3: The Tour

As told to me by Tiger…

There’s nothing like a good buffet to start of a holiday, but Tiger was still feeling quite full from nadnut’s delish homemade french toast (and big cats love nadnut’s french toast!), so he didn’t eat much. But the food at ” Kopi O” was good all the same. Yummy!

Homemade food for the Tiger. He says he likes it very much.

Food from Kopi O.

After our nom nomz, we were shown a tour around the place, including the deluxe suite that was impressive enough, both with its luxurious furnishings and err price of staying there for one night. If your thought our rooms were awesome, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet as these rooms were definitely in the “Wow I wish I could afford to stay here” category. There’s even a jacuzzi and a private outdoor balcony for you to soak in the beautiful sun and weather.

Rinaz enjoying the privacy of the balcony.

Comes with your own living room too!

The women of the group took the chance to visit the ladies after the tour and found plenty of fun with the taps. It seems nadnut can’t get enough of fishy taps….

Credits: Jen jen’s pics!

Stay tuned for part 4: Where nadnut terrorizes safely drives Tiger around on golf cart buggies.

Btw, all pics (aside from Jen jen’s pic) were taken with the Canon 1000D.