today i went to a friend’s dinner party.

it was rather a close circle. all of us knew each other. in that circle, there used to be 2 couples. who lasted quite a bit before breaking off (infact, this year 6 couples within the circle including yours truly, broke up.)

they werent talking to each other much. just a few words and were avoiding each other (to me that is).

its quite sad sometimes to see this.

from being the love of each others life and turning into strangers. like for my case for instance. used to talk/msn/sms everyday with my ex and now after we have broken up, we msn once in a blue moon and the conversation feels stilted (to me that is) and awkward and i always feel empty after that.

from lovers where we use to share about every aspect of our lives, we have turned into strangers.

exchanging ‘how are yous’ and making small (awkward) talk and feeling the need to end the conversation fast.

its sad aint it? just like i secretly observed the two ‘ex’ couples. and i wonder should i ever bump into my ex at a party (after he comes back that is), would others observe us too? on our awkward conversation and avoidance of each other (for me that is)

sometimes getting attached within the same group of friends aint a wise idea.

and next time, ill think twice about giving my heart so easily to another. i rather keep a friend than lose one.

speaking about observation. i realised i tend to observe people a lot though i may ‘act blur’ about it. if my intuition serves me right, in another circle, some ‘scandals’ are popping up faster than you can say ‘holy shit, that was some fast shit!’.

oh well. love sucks.

its over-rated. staying as friends is a much smarter decision to make. and i wonder if the 2 ‘ex’ couples are thinking the same thing as i am right now….

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  1. All the dust of chaos and hurt takes time to settle down.

    I remember ex-commuicating with my ex for over 5 years after we broke up. Then one day I realised the friendship we had, before we got together, and felt that it was a waste to see it fade away like that.

    We have been good friends after that. Well, she married a good friend of mine years later where I was one of the groomsmen.

    It sure felt damn weird and awkward when people were whispering and pointing behind my back during the wedding. However, pride and ego aside, I stepped up to the plate.

    I was glad that she married my friend for he would be the better person to make her happy.

    When she is happy, I guess I would be too.


  2. I am apprehensive about dating couples within my circle of friends. The friends also get very awkward abt the breakup as well. Nad, when ur ex returns, I am sure you can face him strongly.

    “act blur” is sometimes the best thing to do. *winks*


  3. Hmmm, you can still be friends with exes. It’s awkward at first, but with time, it’ll be alright and sometimes even better. Of course, it also depends on the other party.


  4. heheeh…my ex was a very close fren of mine. but well, that’s histroy anyway, doesn’t bear getting sad again… All along i knew that for me, i’d rather not get attached to anyone in my immediate circle of frens, becos seriously i wouldn’t risk love over frenship for these ppl. hence, call it self-defense mechanism, i’ve never thought of them in any way other than great frens before.


  5. jaywalk> sighs. i guess i cant be friends when i still have feelings for him.

    frenie> i do hope so.

    green ogre> it is sure taking a hell lot of time. LOL

    akk> no more dating within the circle for me! 🙁


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