even though i logged out like more than an hour ago, i cant seem to sleep.

frustrated and pissed at lotsa matters.

things are building up more and more.

i dun understand some ppl.


added at 4.57am

aside from tat, my com been giving me problems.

seems to be infected with every known virus, trojan and worms.

been shutting down on me like 5 times in de last 4 hours.

thus i would need a HUGE favour.


needed: young HOT man to reformat and partition my com and install antivirus and spyware stuff


1. attention of yours truly
2. the greatfullness of yours truly
3. a massage
4. coffee
5. to show my gratitude even more, if de HOT man is single, i’ll publish his pic on me blog for all females to see. *chuckles*

please! need help! i dun wanna send de com back to hp cum compaq.

evil people they are. *casts a hex on them*

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