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Alp training for GLs!

Hanwei and I was attached to high beam station and we agreed to do belaying equally. So each group one person do, then de next group the other did then came one group who decided to play a prank on me! watch the pics!

Here I was belaying oblivious of the plotting done behind me.

nad innocent and going to be de target..

yes, I was flying! bah! they didn’t anchor me! Tis is not the highest. There is a video also. (which was de next person, they made me fly also) grrr!

me and my partner Hanwei for high beam. He is also de guy who plotted the “flying nad experience”. -_-

we were swinging then ken lost his balance and fella! KARMA BABY!

more pics of ken. He took so long to get up. drama sia.

ppl looking at ken and laffing! serves him right!

got a lil tanned. Shoulder hurt a lot though and got rope burn due to flying incident! bleah. Tiring but fun!

it also proves how light i am.. -_-

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