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today is someone special’s bdae.

but im not spending it with him.


coz he doesnt even wanna go out on his bdae. i have to practically force him to say yes.

then i tot.

why force him? let him spend it de way he wants.

well. hope u enjoy it then.

i have never heard abt any couples not spending their bdae together. even juz an outing for 2 also considered celebrating their bdae together.

i dunno.

i dun care anymore.

why bother?


aside from one immensely unhappy issue and also my computer probably coughing its last breaths soon, i had quite a great day yesterday.

i watched ‘Ladder 49’ with mira and shen.

as usual, shen showed no emotion thru all de sentimental parts, nor did he even cringe at de fire part.

i tink he is officially emotionless.



anyway. i hold a great whole lot of respect for eddie now after watching tat show.

u go eddie!

sighz. de one question they kept on repeating..

“why is tat u can run into a burning building when everyone else is running out?”

i hold loads of respect for these peeps.

the show is great, reflecting on de lives if these firefighters. thru de pain and de joy of saving lifes.

my heart tum-thumped at de part his wife saw de red car…

needless to say. i teared at de movie.

i realised tat im a super emotional person.

not onlie do i cry or feel de pain (anger, sadness and humiliation) when i read books or stories on de net or even movies….

i tink abt them and reflect when i get back.

anyone. happy tots now.

lil pics i took with my new nokia 7200!

me and mira @ de mrt..

de von dutch cap tat im dying for…

me and mira again!

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