pics galore!

first up. a silly pic of my rather scruffy looking cat!

doesnt she look so sleepy? hehehehe..

next up. pics taken of shen devouring food after booking out of ns..

he looks as if he’ll snap atcha if u bite his food.

lol… next is pics from de lovely picnic with rachie CHONG! *chong ah!*

things we brought…

pics we intended to send to de ribena contest… hahaha. havent send yet. paiseh. *blush*

pics from kok’s bdae chalet!

while waiting for aloy & kok…

mira and me!

sel & rachie chong!

bdae boy & me

check out rachie chong’s and mira’s faces…

me & michy. i LOVE her hair! *wishes for my hair to grow longer*

the babes again…

sel & i…

jen & nix. so sweet together!

jen & me! ^-^

de cam whore with her idiot bf.

group pics!

2 hospi babes!

de bdae cake!

jeff jeff!

roger! i love his smile! so chirpy!

fat ass!

fellow bridge player. hang 10 shingapore!

fellow aquarians! les & me! check out his groovy hairstyle!

foto of kok and i taken at abt 6 plus in de morning. he got drunk. hehehehe.

pics from jen’s stall day!

me, jen, gerie and rachie chong…

shen & i… shen act cute…

gerie & me… =)

chong ah!

chong ah! & gerie!

charlie’s angels… =)

mira’s eyebrow plucking day…

the before picture

check out her toes! she’s scared!

while mira’s eyebrows are at de mercy of de lady. me and rachie chong decided to make use of de moment to be cam whores!

eyebrow plucking in progress! do not disturb!

the after picture!

3 of us! check out mira’s expression!

nad & rachie!

mira & me!

pics from cca award ceremony!

dear & me on de way to school…

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeera and me!

uncle choo and us!

forgot her name. *blush*. met her at shen’s bdae. great dancer!

stacie & me!

neo neo!

cindy, me & meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeera!

presenting de 2 cca merit award (leadership) from bsc! *cheers*

stupid looks one boyfren does when ppl are trying to take a decent pic…

anyway, u guys have been warned! hahaha. 😛

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