migraine man!

played games! first tricia intro me, then i roped in gigi, amy, huda and peixuan.

wah. the game is a killer. got migraine trying to crack the second stage. i love tis types of games which makes u tink. but so frustrated when cant crack it!!!

wanna try? click de stages ur interested in…

first stage

second stage

bloghopped and slacked a lot today.

been thinking about work tomolo. it would be an all women environment. am more nervous than excited.

to be truthful, would actually want another week to relax and slack @ home. 🙁

*sulkz* mum going kl in december, she wanted to bring me but doubt i can go. events industry always bz in december.

i was wondering why i didnt take a no-brainer admin job which pays the same and i wun need to stress meself and run around. sighz.

muz promise myself tat if tis job doesnt work out, i WILL not go back to events.

loads of stuff i wanna do! i wanna go aussie to study my PUBLIC RELATIONS… but no $$$$$.

HSBC loan cant work out for me. sighz. any of u guys knoe where i can take loans for LARGE amounts or any unis in aussie tat has scholarship/bursaries or can pay slowly?

if not, looks like i have to study in singapore.

which means, i wun be studying PR.

oh well. looks like i would have to work a bit and take part time studies in singapore next year.

aussie seems like a dream. a far away dream.

anyway, now watching the ‘huanzhu gege’.

so weird. tommy su, ruby lin and vicky zhao not acting. shows feels weird. too used to those few actors.

tats life aint it? we take time getting used to something new. and after getting used to it, we tend to totally forget about the old.

how convenient aint it?

applies to many stuff.

such as schools, friends, relationships and habits.

anyway. a piece of juicy tidbit. wahahahahaha.

remember de new events company tat i worked at? de one tat had 2 of us staff and boss?

i left and i heard tat my other colleague left recently. onlie left de boss and de interns.


when one is unhappy working, its juz a matter of time when one leaves.

applies to life to.

as in frens. relationships and everything else.

kinda in a depressive mood. but then, i usually am. hmmm. i wonder when was de last time, i was genuinely happy.

i got severe mood swings man. sometimes i feel happy out with my boi boi or me frens.

and yet when i get back. my mood sours.

oh well.

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