dear friend…..

i hope you read this…

i hope you’re feeling much better right now. i really wished to be there for you and just provide a listening ear but i guess, as you said, you needed to be alone. i do hope it was not because you did not want to spoil my night that you cancelled meeting up.

i was glad when you proposed to meet up despite us not being close for the last few months. i guess despite months of not talking, we still come to each other in times in need.

i really wish that i can do more to help you or comfort you, to be able to lend a listening ear, a supporting shoulder, a hug or just my company but i guess, currently you would need to be with yourself.

but remember…

should you ever need me, i’ll be there for you. because i care. you know how to contact me if you need me.




a picture to share. this picture which i took, never fails to calm & soothe me.

1 thought on “dear friend…..”

  1. is the letter for me?? 😛

    okie i hope your friend is feelin much better..i will b there for u too if u need me…

    nadnut: this letter is for another friend. but it can be for u too. 😛


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