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any animal lovers here?

do you feel pain when you stumble onto a dead cat/bird around your area? do you hurt when you read about animal abusers? do you feel pity and sympathy when you see strays around your area and wish you can give them a happy home?

if you do, wait till you read this.

On 24 Aug, Wong Geng Thong, an air con technician was sentenced to serve 8 weeks in jail for torturing and killing a cat. This may not have been his first offense of this nature.

What he did:

1. Befriended a cat by feeding it then took it in his van to Blk 93A Jalan Dua off Old Airport Rd.
2. Tied a noose around the cat’s neck and lifted the wire to hang the cat by the neck
3. Everytime the cat lost consciousness, Wong revived it by massaging its chest. He repeated this cruel act till the cat could not be revived anymore.
4. He then removed the wire noose, grabbed the cat by the neck and bashed it’s body against the wall several times
5. Then he threw the cat’s body on the floor and kept kicking it

All that he did in the car park was captured by a spy camera.

Cleaners in the area have found the grisly remains of 10 cats in the neighbourhood over the past 5 months which is what triggered a group of volunteers to put up the spy cameras. These volunteers, along with the help of animal welfare organizations, have taken the time, money and effort to find the perpetrator of these senseless and cruel acts.

Yet when Wong Geng Thong was caught, he was sentenced to only 2 months in jail for what he did despite the fact that the psychiatrist who examined Wong was concerned he might abuse people too.

Most serial killers and murderers start their macabre “career” by torturing and killing animals. If unchecked, the likelihood of them progressing to hurt and kill people is very high. (Please read article written by Lynn Lam, Today Online http://www.todayonline.com/articles/127238.asp).

The SPCA is appealing for a harsher sentence for Wong but it’s not just the responsibility of the SPCA, they need the help and support of the public at large. We are all responsible for making our society a safer and better place to live in. Please do something today before it’s too late.

please sign the petition and spread the word to others and stop this fucker before its too late. imho, i think he should be jailed for at least a year and caned. what he did was sick, cruel and intentional. and who knows if next time, he may not get a kick in torturing and murdering cats and move on to kids? article in strait times here.

shouldnt he be sentenced to some time in IMH? afterall, didnt the psychiatrist mentioned that he was concerned that he might abuse people? imagine if a kid had annoyed Wong, perhaps he might subject the kid to the same fate as the cats.

asshole. bloody fucker. *ptooi*.

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