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would you like to play games with me?

recently i have acquired a nintendo ds lite. was contemplating on what colour to get. debating between pink and white and tiger sort of made the decision for me when he mentioned “get pink la. since jen jen has white le.”.

my new toy. 😉

i have been playing with tiger’s ds all the time and now i have my very own. i can finally install all the games i want. heh heh heh.

been playing with brain age 1, brain age 2 (wah tmd hard), super mario, phoenix wright and my fave, cooking mama.

i first heard about cooking mama from chocolatesuze. after seeing the cute graphics, i knew i had to have this game.

after getting my dslite (i have yet to think of a name for it. hmmm), i consulted my best friend jenny (or affectionately called jen jen by me) on what cutesy games are there. she reconfirmed my decision to get cooking mama. (yes, me ish bimbo. like cute cute games.)

nadnut’s and jenjen’s pweety dslites. 😉 pssst. check out the cute name sticker on her ds that i got for her. heehe!

i was totally addicted to cooking mama. was playing with it nonstop in batam. lol. and i managed to unlock all 76 recipes. now sian le. no more recipes. shouldnt have unlocked all of them so soon!

cute mama asking what dishes i’ll like to cook. so cute. the graphics are adorable!

when you do what mama says correctly and fast, you’ll get a very good. heh. smiling eyes!

when it’s so so, you get a good. someone said i smile like her in this pic. got meh?!

check out the fire in her eyes when you suck at the task given.

am gonna install trauma centre, lost in blue 2, sims 2 and sims pets this weekend. any other cute or long term (series kind) games to intro?

next entry! cooking mama and wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! 😉

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