friday (21/5)…

went to school for bsc meeting, after meeting went straight to michelle’s house for her bdae! guess wat we bought for her? a white gold and diamond pendant in a shape of a funky M! from SK jewellery (which was SooKee). beautiful man!

like tis!

kk, my drawing sucks! took some pics but have to wait for sel to send. unfortunately sel’s internet is down so gotta wait for some time… mich’s bdae is beautiful! and delicious too! its strawberry shortcake! yummy! *licks lips*

went back late and was exhausted. but reallie enjoyed myself. missed michelle a lot! de poor gal had to fly to LA or some country de next day… she’s an experienced flyer in Japan Airlines boy! woot woot! she couldnt celebrate her real bdae (de party was held earlier) as she has to fly on her bdae… will add up pics soon! *i hope*

Saturday, 22/5…

woke up f**king early today to attend ALP training… did high element (yes singular as i did onlie one)… yes remembered my fear of heights… kaoz… legs trembled, felt unsteady and i cheated… bleah :P….

was VERY PISSED tat day. supposed to be 17 ppl. was onlie 7 ppl there and conveniently everyone had EXCUSES. kaoz. hanwei was de onlie main comm there… if he wasnt there, i tink de 6 of us would start killing…

anyway, ALP was a teeny weeny bit stressful for me (remember my body size) and i nearly started flying up in de air man…

after tat had a meeting. which onlie there was 8 ppl. (WOW ADDITIONAL ONE)… then slowly one by one entered. lets juz say i wasted 5 bucks taking cab today.

kaoz. i knoe i will give an excuse or wat, and shirk off my duties. and im not from tpsu main comm. wateva de case. i do my duties and will concentrate on my beloved BSC. at least there is a betta attitude there. went back home. ate my BREAKFAST onlie at 4 plus… my fave dory fish! yummy! and had a quarrel with HIM.

kaoz, assume lor. sure. i already said NO. sure sure. do wateva u like. juz dun wanna care lah.

not feeling good. broke out in rashes. kaoz. damn fucking itchy. and red bumps everywhere. *nad scratches chest area*. hahhahaha! looks obscene… bleah~ … damn itchy leh. slapped on some calamine lotion and spilled some on me shorts. hahaha. white patches. kaoz. look like paint. anyway, gonna rest at home and hope de itching goes away tomolo…

anyway, a nice skin for peeps…

nice hor? if u want it, here’s de link. click here. yeah. if need help with skin, can always ask me yah?

anyway, i deleted my 28 pics. hahaha. will wait for system to lag again then i will upload other pics. hahaha. kk, enjoy ur sunday peeps!

got a dreaded letter today. starhub bill. kaoz. last month bill neva pay so altogether tis month, de grand total of $145.30. unlike some peeps, i pay my own hp bills. tell me with an ‘allowance’ of $100, HOW CAN I SURVIVE? looks like june, i’ll be stucked at home also. sheesh.

kk. gonna go off and rest. *nad resists to scratch*

so itchy! *scratch scratch*

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