today is actually sat, but updating on yesterday…

let’s start, had a severe sore throat yesterday, muz be the mussels in garlic butter sauce, i always eat and eat and eat the sauce till all gone and muz be due to friday’s breakfast… hee hee… had soon kueh drowned in sweet sauce. LOL… so throat was feeling all sore and stuff, even felt really scratchy and horrible but not TAT bad, then…. started sneezing like mad… at first, i tot it was my sinus thingy, then realised it was getting REAL bad, so was sneezing real bad, using up lots of toilet roll… for the nose ah, not for… ah nebermind… until my nose skin feels really bad and dry… then felt really grouchy and stuff coz of cold and sore throat… actually wanted to go zouk as got FREE invites… i met dear for dinner… we went to erm tis nice place next to the turkish restaurant @ suntec… oopsy, forgot the name… hee! he had tis salmon thingy (he couldnt eat meat on fridays) and i had the steak.. was really good especially the salad. i finished it SUPER FAST… first time ate so fast. lol… i treated him as last time he treated to pastamania :(, lol… damn, juz calculated my expenses… very tight tis month.. like left oh well, gotta starve a bit… damn… might buy cup noodles… 🙁 …. the place was really nice and the staff were really attentive (see! girls like to be wined and dined, oh well, i wined and dined him…) but guess dear didnt really enjoy himself as his salmon had bones and he was pretty paranoid in swallowing the bones… hee.

then, oh yah, before the dinner, got pissed @ him over de fone matter. man! u tell me reasonable or not? my beloved s300 which i saved for eons was onlie in my hands for less than 2 months and i lent him as he couldnt use camera fones in camp (dun understand then why he bought a camera fone when he jolly well knew he couldnt use it in camp. GUYS!) and he HAD to leave it on his desk unattended and it got stolen. u tell me? u leave a BEAUTIFUL fone on the table unattended, who wouldnt be tempted? so he has to buy me a new fone (de bugga had the cheek to suggest a second fone fone, like real!) of course, i dun want lah. boyfren or not, i value my fone lor.saved like mad for de bloody fone. 600 buckaroos lor, he wanted me to buy de s500 for dunno wat reason but dun like lor. de fone not so nice lor. i tink it is MY fone and i HAVE the FINAL say in wat i want lor. it is onlie rite tat i get de same back. ahhhh! raised my voice @ him and called him unreasonable. i dun regret it. believe wat i did was rite. stupid him.

anyway, after dinner, i was feeling even more lousier and decided to go home straight. actually was @ de bus-stop but was shivering like mad (u know those shiver and u still feel miserably hot), i then made my way back up to suntec to go to de taxi stand. bumped into rachel and michy on the way. lol. then went to de taxi stand and it was horribly long queue. me then called for a taxi, called tibs (6555 8888) but they put me on hold for sooooo long that i got fed up and called comfort insteAd (6552 1111) and got prompt response. since i didnt get a taxi number from tibs, i tot as i disconnected, de booking was cancelled, but then they called when i was on de line with comfort and left a v/m saying my taxi number. thus i had to call tibs to cancel my booking. (so there for their BAD service), i then boarded my wonderful comfort cab when the tibs cab called me. the taxi driver was pissed to hear tat i cancelled his booking as he said he was already there, heck ah. i told him quite curtly tat i already cancelled de booking and any unhappiness, he could solve with his operator. sighz. taxis these days. rude drivers and bad service. ah, coming back to my comfort cab, being the responsible citizen of singapore, i kindly told the nice taxi driver to unwind the window and warned him i was not feeling well. and asked him whether he wanted me to wear a mask as i felt tat i mite be catching a flu bug but de taci driver told me its ok and he juz unwinded his windows. bad thing was he was those friendly and enthusiastic drivers who were chatty and i would LOVE to chat but i was feeling very lousy and lied to him i was gonna take a nap which i did in the end. the bad thing is tat the taxifare costs almost 20 bucks. bloody hell, more and more broke… then toke a nap….

sick sick sick,

Happy Four Months love!

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