man! woke up tis morning totally feeling horrible, was crying hot tears, (i usually cry when im sick though i dun realise it), head felt really bad and hot and couldnt really sleep. was feeling really really bad. woke up and checked temperature. had a temp of 38.6. oh my! then went for drastic measures. took two panadol extraz. took lotsa vitamin C and took an ice-cold bath (BRRRRR~) then dragged myself to food hunt. was actually contemplating not to go as felt like fainting, but still went as remembered lack of manpower. sad. but i changed with kevin to be colin’s asst in station games. was picturing the scenario if i was an FA and my group would be those ‘chong’ type and i had to run with with group and probably fainted. bleah~ but being at E-ZONE with colin, rachel, hui junand kevin was fun! hee~ was sooooooo happy when i played the pole game and got 50 point all 3 times! hee! fun! but the bad thing was @ debrief. felt tat some ppl was soooo irritating. shoot him indirectly, i mean how can u be a main comm and behave tat way? oh well…. some ppl ALWAYS tink their rite… sighz,,, then went with some of the subcomm and maincomm to makan and play pool. learned a bit but still suck. oh well. eh, some of the subcomm HAPPENING man. and nice too! enjoy their company like sistas and bros man, hee. have a good feeling abt tis yr subcomm… eh, dunno who to select for my assistants for my ‘celebration of learning’ but at least two lah… k lah… gonna rest liaoz… tomolo got family day event @ jurong! damn…


sick! damn… feel so weak… gonna die soon….

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