lol. sorry for the delayed bloggy…

didnt do much, slacked de whole day, woke up @ 2pm as i slept @ 5am the nite b4.. was icqing and msning de whole day… bliss!

went out with silly boy…. he refused to let me go eat good food! says abt saving money! bleah! a hospi gal need to be wined and dined! 🙁

thurs (today):
so sianz… went to fish and co to eat (so there silly boy!), and spent lots… oops… OH K OH K! u said so… but it was every damn cent worth it, did a bit of indulgent shopping, bought 3 pairs of earrings, (hey! a girl can neva have too much earrings! :P) and spent time waiting for meeting to start… sianz… wait and wait…. ended @ 1opm (as it started onlie @ 8.30!!!!) and got home late… sianz… tired, gonna concuss in 10 mins…

till then! (sorry for the summary, lazY! :P)


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