santa claus is coming to town!

woot! feel so festive! wee~ am so happy, let me tell u wat happened @ werk… firstly, we went to werk @ 9am expecting a morning meeting but no one was in de office! Except Ken and Marie… bah.. seems like boss cancelled meeting and didnt bother to inform us… nah… then she expected juz de 3 of us to pack de store, we actually managed to do a good job though with many mishaps such as ken spraining his ankle, me falling into a basket (!!!!) and nearly having cardbox boxes falling onto my head… waahhaahahha… actually managed to claim my taxis fare… a whooping bundle man! woot, managed to buy a prezzie for my colleague during my office xmas party, and did a lil bit of shopping for meself! LOL, got nice tube for countdown! LOL… *happy*, lol, tat’s abt it today… anyway, u guys noticed de new pic at near my mood? go over it with ur mouse and it’ll change! i did a rollover image! lol, feeling xmassy now… tomolo coordinating my own xmas luncheon! lol, at hotel rendezvous… lol, anyway, a bit sick of gunbound… now watching ‘as good as it gets’.. really nice show… lol.. really like de how especially de dog! so cute! kk, gonna watch de show…

i love xmas!

*swoon*, so sweet jack nicholsan with de compliment “u make me wanna be a betta man”

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