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it’s a monday!

u knoe wat it means! incase u dun, DUH, it means a change of horoscope, phrase and de fren of the week! Look, who i have for tis week…

IS MY SILLY TWIN!!! Jenny! or Jen which i call her… we ah, go back a LONG time… from Proggie comm together, to running for bsc together both years, to shopping, to mahjong to clubbing… tis girl is sumone i hold really dear in my heart.. she very cute one and onz man! ready to jump into funky adventures! i love her sense of spirit, guys, take note: though she may look like a lady, she’s actually a tigress! lol, she’ll unleash those claws! but if u r the guy who can tame her, she’ll mew like a kitten… lol, proud to say i passed on de ‘pinching act’ to her… great disciple… lol… juz realised me and Jen dun have much fotos 2geda, its ok, we shall changed tat wun we! LOL…

Give it up for JEN!,

stay turned for next week’s FREN of the WEEK!!!!

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