Friends Pictures

today, feb 5th…

de silly babes passed me my present! shall tell it thru pics…

silly G gave me tis bouquet! so sweet! *hugz*

de handing over ceremony!

me and my bouquet!

prezzie time!

its a beautiful box!

its beautiful messages inside!

de babes involved!

hee hee! here’s lydia dear!

pearl punk! happy birthday to u too sweetie!

ming ming! who helped to videocam de whole opening prezzie thingy!

G sweetie! who is so so sweet!

group pics!
after tat headed to bsc room, and jen jen passed me a prezzie!

it’s cash! hahaha! coz i am broke… lol.. pic of de twins!

met zj and took pic wiv him!

pic of me and rach babe~

tat’s about it! thanks everyone!!!!!

love ya lots!

so sweet! hee! hugz!

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