someting stupid…. i browsed to one of de bloggerbys (blog passerbys) who left a note on my tag and exchanged links… guess wat? i found 3 nadias on his links.. (a nad, a naddy and a nadia), and on those nadias, i found more nadias sites… sheesh… so many nadias! aiyoyo… i knew my name was quite well used but i didnt knoe tat much! wao lao… all de nadias have like 3 more nadias on their sites… and its different nadias!!!!! sheesh… i wanna kill all those nadias and make my nadia de ONLY nadia in singapore at least! sheesh.. or in bedok… man… or i should change name… like to Gwendoline Tok my alter persona… hahahhahaa… not much ppl knoe about tis… i better be de onlie nadia using nadnut man… and i tot i was being creative doing nadnut… sheesh! all u nadias go AWAY!!!!! tis is de ONE nadia!!! IM DE BEST!!!! sekali u see on de news “de latest update, nadia was killed by a pack of nadias…”… maybe i should head back to Gwendoline Tok. unique surname… like my previous phrase “tok tok”

signing off,
Gwendoline Tok

all u nadias drop dead wun u! onlie nadia crystel shall live… muaahahahahha

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