sheesh! since i couldnt find anyone to eat supper wiv me except for a guy i barely knoe… i decided to raid de fridge.. feeling rebellious (u would been too if u been eating porridge and bread for de past 5 days), i had made up my mind to cook a heaty and definately bad to my dying throat, cheese omelette which was taught to me by my ex! and guess wat? THE HORROR!!!! there is no more cheese! -_-” … thus, me not wanting to defrost anything, i dug into my can food and maggi mee section… there was 2 selections of instant noodles, there was instant noodle A, which was chicken flavoured and soup based, and instant noodle B, which was a dry based, sumting like ‘mee goreng’ where u are suppose to drain de noodles and mix wiv tis sauces, which was definately heaty!!!! being de sensible one, u should knoe which one i chose rite? i chose INSTANT NOODLE B!!! yeah baby~ i dun give a damn! i added fried shallots too! lots of it… damn sinful! shiok! BUT…. there was a drawback factor… sheesh… when i was happily washing my very empty plate… my mum woke up… and as she was about to get a glass of water, she noticed my wrapper… oh shit! she gave me a look… and started nagging… said tat i have been coughing non stop every night and am still sick… how i should avoid all these heaty foods for a while and when im well, i can eat them… sighz… i did downed lotsa PLAIN water after tat… sheesh… but hahahaha! i had my meal~

so there~


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