And the winners are…..


I don’t know about you guys but I can’t stand to have my gadgets “naked”.  I’ll usually get a nice cover, or hang some thingajig on my phone or bling/mask it.

I was dismayed at first that I missed the deadline for the Dell Design Studio Contest! My entry would have been my signature rainbow and clouds look. Hurhur.

Anyway… the results for the Dell Design Studio Contest is out!

Here are the results! *drumrolls*

The Best Entry selected by the Promoter is….

The Flora by Joanna Chen!

Joanna wins vouchers plus a Studio 15 with her printed winning design! iJeles! iAlsoWant! hahahah!

And the Most Popular Design by Votes is….

Ribbon Madness by Kelly Ong!

I like this design really much! Like the ribbon details! Kelly wins vouchers!

If you do not have the flair for designing, here’s one way you can get your laptop all chio and dressed up! Did you know that Dell offers cool designs for your laptop?

They even have OPI designs for your laptop!

I love the silly OPI polish names. Check out the 2nd design from the left: I’m Not Really a Waitress. ROFL!

There are loads more of designs here!

For more information, (and to order one!) check out!

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