sometimes i really feel taken for granted. just because i tend to organise activites with a certain group, everyone else don’t bother to do so. and when they want outings or what, they’ll tell me to organise.

is it so difficult to do so? just sms-ing a few people and coordinating everything?

save all the bullshit ‘if i organise, they won’t turn up’ or ‘you’re closer to him, you call him lah…’

a certain incident pissed me off. someone else was supposed to organise something and i was told to sms a certain person. hello!

  • you are the organiser
  • i am coming late and i wont have the exact details, whose coming what time or where or what shit

and i think excuses such as ‘i am smsing a lot of people’ works. its JUST one more person. its not as if its 20 more. though the said person did agreed to sms the fella, i am still pissed off.

pissed off with everything. incidents in the past weeks: one gave excuses how when he organises, no one will turn up and that whenever he says he will organise something, it will never happen. maybe in 2019. another just doesnt bother.

will it kill you to sms others?

i am so sick and tired of this scenario. it seems to happen with every group except for the barflies. at least there are some proactive people there. 🙂

many times, with certain people, whenever they have ‘ideas’ of outings, they will be too lazy to organise or do anything. what the fuck is wrong with these people?

i have to organise events for a living. do i have to do the same with you guys? i believe this is not the first time i have voiced this out.

sometimes it doesnt pay to be proactive. seriously.

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  1. yeah, its difficult to organise it consistently. people always take things for granted and dun give enuff gratitude to the organiser.

    i know how you feel coz i felt the same way when i organise my class outings in the JC. sometimes, its better to be passive and let others know how much work you put in. :p

    nadnut: sometimes i just feel damn tired…


  2. i guess people’s nature’s like that. when i organise things for people in the company, someone just had to complain about something. and it’s usually trivial things like, “the food doesn’t taste nice”, or “i change my mind about going for the trip” when everything’s been decided.

    people just DUN CARE because ultimately it won’t be their problem. *bleah*

    nadnut: yeah lor! like wtf! ppl organise and yet they complain complain complain! nbcb!


  3. I remember you had a previous rant about this ;p

    Well, hell lot of people around who simply like to give excuses and throw the work over, taking things for granted. Heck, I can even name some of the people I know who gave the same lameass excuses you wrote.

    Just give it up la, like what I did. You don’t owe ’em a living anyway, reciprocity’s part of how the world works. If they don’t wanna chip in, piss off then.

    Like you said, is it THAT hard to SMS a few people? I should mass mail this post out to people, lol.

    nadnut: go ahead. email those idiots!


  4. Ahh… yes… I understand…

    I organised an event before and broke down, cos I asked for help and nobody wanna help.

    I organised a gathering for over ten people before and at the last minute, quite a few back out cos, not feeling well, got work to do and other excuses. In the end, only three turned up. You can guess how pissed I was at that time. The 3 who turned up had to pacify me the whole time. 😛

    Nowadays, I wait for people to organise gatherings instead cos I’m soooo sick of doing it…

    nadnut: sigh. excuses excuses excuses! its so irritating!


  5. I understand what you feel. I was the class rep in poly and now it seemed that i still need to do such things..But hor, sometimes it is really freaky.. I organise a outing twice, and both times got problem on my side.. hahaha.. i is sibeh suay..

    nadnut: not suay la. murphy’s law…


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