Yours truly...

squeaky meh?!?!

over a few exchanges over emails, apparently someone needed a favour for something something voiceover.

apparently for a kid’s voice or something like that.

i was kinda surprised when she emailed me, cause from what i know and what people have told me, my voice is rather low. (and apparently another colleague once stopped me in the lift and asked if i smoked, cause my voice sounded low. wtf was that about?!?)

and when i replied the someone that i doubt i would suit the ‘job’ because my voice was rather low, she replied that she thought my voice was squeaky.

squeaky meh?!?!

i know for a fact that last time, my voice was of a higher pitch then till i had my operation, then it dropped a bit. but i was never ‘classified’ of the ‘high pitch’ kind.

those who have heard my voice, my voice really squeaky meh? or low?

*indignant nad*

and i ROAR not squeak. hahaahahah. /end lame.