i hate being tagged.

i really do.

cause when i have no ‘mood’ to do memes/whatnots, i would not bother doing that meme and later the ‘tagger’ would nag me to do the meme. bah. so actually i hate being tagged by people who will hound you to do it 😛

but when i’m free, i’ll do the meme willingly of course. and since i have been oscar the grouch for the entire day yesterday (see yesterday’s entry + covering the fort + idiots @ work + tiger pissed me off), i decided i needed to do something relaxing for once.

so barffie’s meme came in time. but i decided to do something different about it, following thebeanmaster’s style. i’ll name 20 of them but you would have to guess which is you.

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head – don’t read the questions before you write and tag 5 people to do the survey.

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1. How did you meet #14?
i first met her at wala wala. 🙂

2. What would you do if you had never met #1?
hmmm. i would not have had a makan kaki and punching bag. 😛

3. What would you do if #20 and #9 dated?
o.O erm, considering that they do know each other… hmmm it would be weird. she’s a good girl and he’s… nah.

4. Would #6 & #17 make a good couple?
hmmm. both of them are females but i would believe they would make fast friends!

5. Describe #3.
she’s a hot lady! i think she’s pretty!

6. Do you think #8 is attractive?
very. hot bod. flat tummy. nice bum. superbly long legs. pretty face. there is a reason why she was in FHM you know?

7. Tell me something about #7.
hmm. she needs to de-stress and learn to love wisely. stop picking the wrong guys!

8. Do you know anything about #12’s family?
hmmm. i only know she adores her sister from her blog!

9. What’s #8’s favourite?
eh. hmmm. hell, i don’t know! her bf? her rebonded hair? i know a LOT of things she doesnt like though…

10. What would you do if #11 confesses that he/she likes you?
though she’s a pretty gal, i don’t do gals….. yet.

11. What language does #15 speak?
english and chinese. don’t ask me what other languages. hokkien, teochew and whatever sounds like chinese to me. 😛

12. Who is #9 going out with?
no one now. though he is chasing a girl right now…

13. How old is #16 now?

14. When was the last time you talked to #13?
hmmm. on the phone would be last sat? if online, thru mails, was 5 mins ago. 🙂

15. Who’s #2’s favourite singer?
emil chau! she told me that yesterday!

16. Would you date #4?
no! his darling gf will KILL me! and he bullies me. bah.

17. Would you date #7?
nah. she’s a girl. and i dont do women…. yet.

18. Is #15 single?
heh heh. yeah.

19. What is #10’s last name?

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with #19?
no! one geek is enough for meh. 😛

21. What schools did #3 go to?
hahaa. i only know that she went to tp…

22. Where does #6 live?
hahaha! easy! jalan chempaka!

23. What’s your favourite thing about #5?
she’s sweet and loving.

24. What do you think of #18?
funny horny person! 😛

25. What do #4 & #19 have in common?
they are both males.

26. What special qualities does #17 hold in your life?
she’s a superbly funny gal and she’s always supportive!

nadnut’s special version!

#1 – i have known him for about 5 years now. we can be quite close but when we quarrel, we do not talk for months!

#2 – someone i know for 5 years too! one of my best friends. i tend to nag at her a lot. hahahhaaa.

#3 – i love her blog. she’s damn funny (in a good way) and she has a great relationship!

#4 – heh. loves #2 a lot. i’m envious how he pampers her! tiger, are you listening?!?!

#5 – someone i know for 5 yrs too, someone i have a soft spot for. someone who deserves someone special.

#6 – this cuckoo friend is someone who is really lame! i miss the times we had. but i guess situations change. 🙂

#7 – aiyoyo. someone whom i nag a lot too. learn to let go.

#8 – hmmm. last time i saw her was at sakae sushi. not superbly close to her, but i miss her.

#9 – idiot who always make me wait. a habitual latecomer. even when i make a point to be late, he will always be later.

#10 – hmmm. someone who makes me wanna be a better (wo)man. 🙂

#11 – busy searching for jobs now. i don’t get it why she keeps losing weight! tmd!

#12 – had a long msn conversation with her yesterday. was pissed but its over now. 🙂

#13 – looooooong legs babe. take care of that ankle!

#14 – i love the way she does her eyemakeup! should stop smoking! 😛

#15 – king of google. wore a uniform before. friend whom you can count on. 🙂

#16 – woman, who i would have to thank after i get my icecream on friday 😛 do you miss 85? heh.

#17 – she brought me to have some heavenly steak! one of the blogger friends i made.

#18 – hahahaa. he’s so funny! and i suspect he has a dirty mind!

#19 – met him thru tiger. didnt know he “stalked” my blog before. ahahaaa. and oh. i hate his blog layout.

#20 – sweet babe. congrats on the new online store!

guess who?!?! i think after the special version, you would be able to guess which # you are. heh. tag no one. the pain ends here. but if you would like to do it, go ahead :)  comment here! 😉

13 thoughts on “i hate being tagged.”

  1. wth. this is so wrong in so many ways. hahaha. and ok, i publicly apologise for my shameful habit! and who’s #20? i have a feeling i know who, since there are only so many girls i know up there. and i’m what … huh?! lol.


  2. mine was pretty obvious. who else stays where i’m staying? what do u mean situations changed??!! so sad!


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