My life philosophy: Everyone should subscribe to Nadism!

This entry first appeared in my Starblog last year. Decided to share it with you guys again as I’m currently in a reflective and emo mood…

To me, life is actually quite simple and straightforward but yet we at many times like to complicate it. To be honest, there was a period of time in my life where it was quite dark and I was going through a super emotional time. I know how it’s like to wallow and be perfectly happy being unhappy (an irony, I know!) and how easy it was to give up but I’m glad that I picked myself up. Here are some of my tips and tricks and I do hope these would work for you as they had worked for me.

On Love.


Less expectations, less disappointments.

In fact I’ve written about this previously, one of my favourite entries where I’ll keep re-reading to remind myself. We expect so much more from them and when they fail to deliver, we blame ourselves, them and everyone around us. It’s really not fair to do so. Lower your expectations and you’ll be much happier.

Love me for me.

This is a common problem in most relationships. Many a times, we say that when we go into a relationship, we fall in love with the person for who he/she is but yet over time, we try to morph him/her into someone else, someone different. Bad habits, I understand but trying to change someone into someone totally different is hard and unfair and you and he/she will be much unhappier.

Let go.

Many a times we go into a relationship bringing some element of the previous (and maybe even the previous previous and so on) relationship. I’m not talking about STDs of course! I’m talking about emotional baggages. This is a guaranteed recipe for failure. Let go of the past and start afresh. You guys will be much happier.

On Work.


There is more to life than Work.

Don’t sell your life away. Yes, money can bring you happiness but for only how long? It’s great achieving more with your career and earning more money to feed the family and increase your standard of living but do not neglect the people around you. Don’t lose sight of what’s most important to you.

Move on.

Some people are happy stuck in a dead-end job. The pay sucks, the job sucks and the boss sucks. Then why do they stay on? Sometimes I think they stay on for so long despite hating their jobs, is because firstly they are in their comfort zone. They think that it’s hard finding a new job and adapting to a new culture and job scope. There are many such individuals. Take a look, I bet there’s at least one in your office. They were afraid to move and now? They can’t. So really, MOVE ON. You deserve better. Don’t get stuck there for too long.

On Family.


Cherish them before it’s too late.

Yes, it’s easy to neglect them. It’s easy to take them for granted. I myself was guilty of that some time ago but now I know better. Your parents are the ones who love you unconditionally. They’ve seen the worst of you and yet they were there every single step of the way. Talk to them; make them a part of your life. Love them; be there for them as they were there for you.

Forgive and Forget.

Forgive them for any harsh words spoken or any actions taken before. Forget any bad memories in the past. No parents would intentionally want to hurt their child.

On Life.


Never give up.

We are always faced with difficulties, setbacks and sufferings in life and when we do, most of us think of giving up but without all these difficulties, would we not appreciate the good things in life? Giving up is being cowardly. Things can’t get any worst. This will be the worse you’ll ever feel and you’ll pick yourself up and live life again. If life is without challenges, would we not treasure or savour the rewards?

There are no end to comparisons.

I think women are very guilty of this. We tend compare ourselves way too much. We are never thin enough. We are always inferior to someone else for we aren’t pretty enough or smart enough. I know I myself do once in a while slip up and go into a self-bashing phase. I then remind myself that there is NO END to comparisons. There will always be someone prettier, smarter, thinner, taller, more talented, richer or luckier. SO WHAT? I’m happy being me, and you should be happy being you. Count your blessings. There are people worst off and YOU should be happy with what you have. Envy no more!

Some people are satisfied with mediocrity. I’m not one of them.

Basically you have the choice in how things happen. You yourself decide your fate. No one else decides it for you. Work hard and you’ll achieve your dreams. Live everyday as if it’s your last. Cherish every moment.

A wise man, Humphrey B. Neil once said: We need to dwarf our troubles and magnify our blessings.

Hear hear.

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