the ugly side of men.

not mankind. but men. there is a fine line between being cheeky and sexual harassment.

how would you like it if someone does the same thing to your sister?

it is NOT ALRIGHT to stroke someone’s hand and say ‘your skin makes me feel so good’.

it is NOT ALRIGHT to slump onto the chair of the person beside you (whom you met for the first time). in which she has to sit right infront to avoid any body contact with you.

it is NOT ALRIGHT to gaze at her from top to toe like as if she was naked infront of you.

it is NOT ALRIGHT to discuss with your friends on her breasts, her legs, her choice of clothes in a sexual way.

the whole matter leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

in no way, when a girl/lady/woman wears an off shoulder top/sleeveless top, it means she is slutty.

what the hell does wearing a short skirt or sleeveless top or tube or anything revealing has to do with her being slutty or looking for some action?

would you want any other men looking at your kid sister the same way?

cant you even give us the respect that we deserve?

its horrifying when we have to cover ourselves up from head to toe so that you wont be looking at us from top to toe.

do you know how dirty it makes us feel? how violated? how degraded?

dont use the pretense of you being drunk to stroke our hands/shoulders/any part of our body.

its just so convenient for you to forget everything the next day while we will be traumatised by the whole event.

im very glad that my male friends outside are nothing like these. it is really an eye opener recently.

i hope nothing like this will happen again. for if it does, there will be a price to pay.

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  1. Men are pigs. All men. Some are better than others at controlling their pigishness. The ones who won’t admit they are pigs are usually the BIGGEST pigs. I’m a man. That makes me a pig. But I admit it, so I’m less of a pig.


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