Her silent cries.

She hugged herself and teared silently in the dark. She couldn’t make any noise or she’ll be punished.

She had to be good or she’ll get whipped once again. She shivered in fear, she wondered when would she be fed for it has been some time since she last ate.

She wondered if death would be better than this pitiful life she led. But the lord said suicide was a sin and she’ll never be forgiven. But why wasn’t the lord punishing those people? He had let them sin many times and yet she was the one suffering and it was never them.

She dreaded every moment when she would have to take her turn. Her cries were always ignored and she was always forced. If she had yelled for help, she would get a lashing that would hurt for days. But if she had remained silent during the act, she would be cursed and spat on.

She always thanked the lord when she wasn’t chosen by them. It must be a sin wishing that they called the other girls instead of her. She wondered every night why had her parents left her here. Was money that important to them? Did they know that she would have to suffer this fate every other day? No wonder the lord said that money was the route of all sin. She cursed them for every day she had to hurt.

Suddenly she heard footsteps. She prayed that it would be someone else, anyone else but her.

Then the door opened.

It was her turn. She teared silently in the dark and she wished for death to pass her soon.

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  1. wow, I was just reading this book today about this woman’s recounting her experience of being abused when she was a child…


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