someone once told me that crying out loud will make me feel better.

and it sure did.

looks like just writing about how i feel is not enough.

and it sure feels damn good after releasing all that pent up emotions! but hor, image went down the drain…..


14 thoughts on “”

  1. frenie>>> i did and it feels great!

    isya>>> hahaha. people complained abt my layout! *pouts*

    cow>>> hahaha. ill do that one day!

    jaywalk>>> hahha. drank lotsa redbull yesterday…


  2. nad> sure! just dun ask me along ok?
    (or i stand at the back watch after u k? =PpP)
    I still stand by my good old remedy… Sleep…
    “Cos I’ll rather face the bed when it’s a bad day… =P”


  3. so deep and meaningful..i miss my ex every day…im so fucking lonley… i neeeeed to confide in someone….my heart is hurting,,,my eyes are leaking…my soul is lost and alone…i have no feelings…. i am numb.. i miss u dale…iloveyou


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