today is a special day!
happy nad!
hee. went to school today. saw quite a few peeps. mira evil. narrow me down to do publicity. *gives evil glare to mira*

pic of de evil gurl! >.<
hahaa~ met Sean! me best SL!!! 🙂 took pic with him.
nice rite? such a coincidence we both wore black! like couple! hahaa..
then stayed a bit, had lunch, met up with colin, dear, kenny… me and dear left for sim lim. he needed to get some game stuff…
walked to OG after tat and he bought his gundam figures again! >.<
i saw the super fat spiderman figure there!

spidey been eating too much chocs! hahaha… then went off to get a drink and dear went to order me fav red bull and guess wat they gave me?
bloody rip off! gold cow sia. bloody sweet. drank a bit and threw de rest away. i tink one glass of tis can give me instant diabetes! grrr…
then dear brought me to parco bugis to get our couple rings for our one year anniversary. 🙂 we decided to engrave each others name and tis year’s anniversary date on them. 🙂
sweet hor?

hee! 🙂 thanks dearie! *muackz* happy day! yay! such a pity mean gurls were so late else we could watch it. 🙁
nitez peeps. muz sleep early today. tomolo got work! 🙁
radiant nad

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