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building walls…

why do we build walls around ourselves? is it because we have been hurt so bad that we do not want to feel that way again?

and yet when we do build those walls, how often do we let people see the real us?

why do we do that?

is it cause we feel inferior? that no one would like the real person behind that facade?

or that one will feel vulnerable? but wouldnt that be unfair to one’s friends? cause they like you for what they see only… for that facade that you show… doesnt that make you fake? and a liar? for lying to everyone, even yourself?

why are you so cynical? you werent this way last time. have you really turned bitter? thats wat it seems from your blogs but when infront of everyone, you force a smile.

most of them dont see it. but those who do, dont they ask you wats wrong? yet, why do you shun away from them? when can you show your true self to them? when?

dont you feel tired? perhaps its time. its time for you to be true to yourself.

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