WTFs of the day.

So, i was surfing the internet today and as the usual lazy blogger i am, i’m gonna show you some WTFs of the day!

A cop was hit by a 80 yr old. You go girl!

3,000 women are forced into marriage in UK?! You kidding me or what?!

Apparently women wearing jeans cannot be raped. obviously they have not heard of women being tied up and jeans being cut.

10 worse countries for women. thank god i’m not in those countries.

Drugs found in drinking water. A sex hormone found in San Francisco’s drinking water?! There’s no need for Viagra then!

Apparently, women between the size 8 – 10 are considered fat! Have you dumped your girlfriend because you’re scared she’ll look so big one day?! TMD. Can i kick this guy between his legs?

The govt does not ‘know’ how Mas Selamat escaped. Interesting. I’m sure they do not ‘know’.

Man gives false info about Mas Selamat in hope of rewards. Nice one. Instead of gaining rewards, he may have to give the court some ‘rewards’ back.

Naughty by Nature is getting “naughty” again! Fellow blogger Alice has been harassed by them. Thank god, she’s smart enough to say no. Yours truly had went for a session and came out unscathed. hurhur.

A toddler was abused! Washed at the carwash. Madness. Imagine how painful it was!

Kitty cat says hello! OMG. cute man!!!!

This lady manages to imitate 21 different accents! Why no chingchong accent?

Why not use twitter to mass curse a few individuals? Interviewer says ‘Screw you! with twitter’. Hmmm, makes me feel like reinstalling twitter…

LOL! interesting ain’t it? 😉 I’m thinking of making this WTFs of the day a regular item. Maybe a weekly or monthly thingy? And perhaps i’ll have some theme… Hmm. What do you think?

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