of salsa and dim sum..

because of salsa i overslept my 1-to-1 discussion with some uni representatives. argh.

i realised, every guy that i bring to salsa, my salsa classmates will assume his my bf or chasing me… how to attract guys like that when i look attached?!?! their just close guy friends!

anyway, went to union yesterday. it seems no matter how much i drank (yesterday only, other days i can get high easily), i couldnt get high.

the result? 3 girls. 10-12 glasses each. 2 high girls and 1 very sober and bored nadnut. grrrr.

met a few. danced with a few. clumsy dancing.

when we were watching the pro dancers on the floor, this guy who was standing close to us turned to one of my friends and asked her to dance, perhaps because she was high and prolly her bf was there, she promptly rejected him, he then asked the other gal, who rejected him. they suggested me and my first reaction was.. eh.. no. hahahahaa.

the poor guy disappeared to another part of the room to nurse his bruised ego. like jolene said ‘skali today when he gets back, he ‘ta xiao ren’.’ (typo?)

wahahahaaha. erm. we clumsy spinners la. wait till we can spin without getting dizzy. wahhaa. but poor thing, he kept looking at our direction. oh well.

at the end, when there werent much pro dancers on the dancefloor, i took a tentative step on the dancefloor….

which was when i was a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny weeeeeeeeeeeeeeny bit high and i could dance! hahahaa.

it meant when i let loose, and stop thinking about people watching and all that, i could dance. hmmm.

vodka b4 salsa lesson next time? 😛

the girls there are soooooo sexy. im turning lesbian. grrr. well the guys? not too bad. i met the guy from my studio. the power dancer who erm. danced with me cos’ i had no partner and i stumbled the whole time?

yes. he remembered me. hahaa. the girl who cant dance on two.

and finally my first blogger meeting! erm. some sort.

i was at a bar when someone said…

‘are you nadut?’

NADUT! i’m nadnut. hahaa. maybe the music is too loud and i couldnt hear properly.


interesting. i saw him before in union and my social nights. pro dancer.

its time for me to bury my head in the ground. argh.

yes, next time. vodka before salsa. 🙂

did i mention we had dimsum after salsa. yummy. i LOVE dimsum. any takers next time?

[edit] for all of my friends who complained they dunno where my tag is hidden at..

here you go.

grrr. [/edit]

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