i had a dreadful morning. how dreadful can it get?

well. incase you dunno, as emco is located in a rather ulu location in singapore where it takes say 2 hours to travel them from bedok, i pay quite a bit for a shuttle bus service. whichs picks and drops me off at the pie. (not apple pie or chicken pie, but pan island expressway)

so, my designated pickup time is usually 8.07am, but 90% of the time, the bus will arrive say 8.13am – 8.15am.

and today was raining cats and dogs. bad start.

i arrived at the pick up location at 8.08am. no biggie to me as i was only a minute late and i ASSumed that the bus will be late as its raining. and ppl are always late when its raining. yes i ASSumed again.

so i waited.


and waited.


and waited.


hmmm. the bus really late today. must be cause of the rain.


wah! so late meh? *starts messaging furiously to the interns* (who takes the same bus). no reply. must be sleeping! *shakes fists at interns* (no la. im not so bad)


starts panicking. and calling interns. no answer. starts pacing furiously.


finally somebody picks up the phone.

and guess what?

the bus has arrived at emco. the bus was early. or rather, on time.


*nadnut panics*

there was no cab! i walked like 2 bus-stops to get a strategic standing location. unfortunately, there are like lots of people waiting for cabs too.

*dials 6552 1111*

engaged tone.

TMD! dont want my service ah?

timecheck: 8.40am. (i’m supposed to report at work @ 8.30am)

*messaged THE BOSS to tell her i’ll be late*

*calls 6552 2222*

engaged tone.

i bet you, if anyone was looking at me, they would have seen a stressed/panicking/hopeless/frustrated/desperate looking lil girl with a bright yellow umbrella which looks like it came from the musical, ‘singing in the rain’.

*calls 6555 3333, 6555 8888 and 6485 7777*

same problem!

everyone calling cab at the same time?!?!?!??!!

tmd. like a flash mob maybe.


*nadnut wishes she had called in sick instead*


desperate dialing of HORRENDOUS taxi numbers.


BINGO! SMRT cab decides to answer the phone.


cab arrives. oh, other people infront still hasnt gotten a cab.

*nadnut feels like shit*


jam on pie. *nadnut feels like whacking head*


arrival at emco. taxi fare = $14.60. taxi drivers watches a small young girl sprinting her way into the building.


arrival in office. apologies to boss. promises lunch on me.

my horrendous day. i have never been sooooooooooooooo late for work before. i feel like a bad employee.

oh. 9.30am – 10.00am : thinking of which bachelor to choose.


tomorrow better be a better day! else im not getting up from bed!


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