Yours truly...
wouldnt it be better if our life is like the computer?

where we could just ‘delete’ all info and memories that we dislike. where we can ‘cut and paste’ stuff or if life is pretty screwed up, just ‘reformat’!

last week i made an important decision. i realised that i have stored a lot of cache in my memory and it was time to do some cleaning.

i have officially cleared my cookies, deleted temporary files, clear history and deleted all files related to sb since sunday.

to be hard hearted is the only way to go. you taught me that.

alright. better go before this computer malfunctions.

[edit] hmmm interesting. whose viewing my blog from:

– Earthlink Inc?
– Dms Worldwide Logistic P/L? – (bingo! xiaowen!)
– Cox Communications?
– Temasek Poly?
– Fairex International?
– NUS? – (bingo! akk and marie!)
– SGH?
– The Grassroots Club?
– Qala Singapore?
– NP?
– Singapore Post?
– Mindef (Systems & Computer Organisation)?
– Ripe Network Coordination Centre?
– University Of California Davis?
– Comcast Cable Communications Inc?
– Concordia University?
– SMU?

lol. was trying some stuff out. interesting….

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