i took leave next thurs and fri.

for what?

for fun…

i have no plans on those 2 days but i just need a break…

dont you think a job is like a relationship? sometimes it gets really tiring at times and sometimes its all worth it..

but sometimes.. you’ll stop and wonder..

is it all worth it?

took leave to re-energise myself and just have some quality time with me myself.

relationships should work the same way too. when things seems like its going nowhere, take a break. not quit your job.

take a few days leave. a cooling period.

and re-evaluate. is this what you want? consider your options.

cause sometimes when you quit, it will be too late. the company may not want you anymore.


dont be hasty in every decision.

take a break. but not too long. else the company may not want you no more.


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