i’m lazy to blog about the weekend.

in a nutshell.

i met the bloggers on fri, sat and sun.

yes, all three days.

some pics. selected few. wahhaha. perhaps will post up another time.

a certain sweet fella (whom requested to be anonymous) romanced me on sunday…

i was brought to my secret garden (at middle road) and fed a delish dinner.

he had the ribeye and i had the tenderloin. felt cheated. the waitor seduced me with his description of the tenderloin, (tenderloin more expensive) and the final product?

a small piece of steak. not enough! grrrr.

we then shared triple fudge brownie and a scoop of icecream.

sinful i tell you. just plain sinful. however, as nadnut is a very greedy girl and wasnt full.. i decided to meet the bloggers for supper at bedok 85… my date was so sweet to send me there by cab…


thanks dearie. *muackz* the bill came up to… well. rather expensive… and he insisted on footing the bill. wheeeeeeeeeee.

its nice to be pampered. (for once).

some pics..

seeeee! the steak sooooo small! grrr.

aside from that, this sweetie’s film is up for 4 awards. vote for him here!

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