republished an old story i wrote.. this is one of my favourites…

‘where is it?’ she cried.

she dug again. harder with her shovel. the garden was a mess.

yet she dug again and again. never stopping. though her hands were bleeding.

she had dug for 7 days and 7 nights and yet she couldnt find it.

she could feel herself being hysteric. knowing the truth that she had lost it and yet hope was still in her heart.

‘WHERE IS IT?!’ she cried. tears were flowing down her cheek.

deep down, she knew there was no use but she also knew the fact that if she had no more hope, there was nothing left to live for.

she was better off dead without any hope.

she dug again. she looked a sight, all drenched in mud, her knuckles all scrapped and bloody, her hair in disarray, eye bags and bloodshot eyes. her clothes were torn and she looked like she has not slept or ate in months.

she dug again.

finally she fell to her knees and wept. she pulled her hair and screamed out her pain.

for she had finally stopped deluding herself.

she finally accepted the fact that she had lost it forever.

and there was nothing else left to live for.

for she was digging for the happiness that she will never find.

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