nadia will win the war!

some of my tp school mates and juniors will understand the title. comes from a cheer… 😛

boss will be away for 2 weeks. big boss will be away for a week. looks like i’m the one who will be incharge of the department for the time being.

must stand firm and shoot all intruders. guard the homebase i must. ROAR!

anyway, yesterday was my 1 year anni at emco. boss brought me out to a nice place to eat. STEAK! me likey! me likey very much! as the people at emco has not found out the camwhorish side of me… i did not take any pics. oh well.

in the meantime, i must be very careful of where i tread at work. mines everywhere.

and did you know that redbull contains 160 calories?!?!?!?! me no likey! ROAR!

and yes, i have a favourite phrase right now. guess what? 😛

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