the one about the bet….

everyone who knows me (well), will know that i’m addicted to redbull. been drinking since i was 6.

yes. countless of people have tried unsuccessfully to make me cut down/quit drinking red bull.

but today….

a certain blogger… has conned dared me to take up a challenge with him..

if i do not drink red bull for a month, he will not smoke for a month.

tmd. i took it up.

first one to succumb to our vices has to treat the other to a nice steak dinner.

no redbull for me from today (26th august) till 26th september…. can i survive?


i shall prove to him that i do not have the willpower of a tofu!!!!! (tmd. can u believe he said that about me TWICE!)

eh. barflies please keep an eye on him… if he smokes, must report to me hor!!!! and do tempt him to smoke, so i can eat my steak…

[edit] dear old bubs aka hisreason has left us again… sighz. come back soon? missing you already… sighs.

i wonder if i would do the same next time. would i? i dunno. i rather not think now. too many questions unanswered now… [/edit]

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