bewarned: emo post…

have you ever felt so confused before and you do not know what to do?

every path you take seems to be a wrong one?

i wanna blog about it but yet i cant. i feel restricted. which is weird for me. i hate feeling restricted.

if i have to watch what i say when i’m with someone, then ill rather not go out with that someone. same as when i blog.

i feel confined.

have you ever broken a friendship cause you can no longer be friends with that person?


is it cause the person has hurt you so much?

or that you got really tired of helping that person and that person doesnt learn?

or you just cant be friends with tat person as all you do is quarrel?

or that you feel confined, guilty and restrained when your out with that person?

or that it was just in a bout of anger and your too proud to give in? or both of you guys are too proud to give in?

i did. and i feel damn selfish.

and i dont feel too good about it whenever it happens. but it has to.

aside from that, have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had taken a different path? (ala sliding doors)

i wonder.

should i take path a or path b?

if i take path a, i would never know where would path b lead to.

i dunno.

muddled? confused? yeap.

ill think about it another day.

aside from that, i have FINALLY watched ‘when harry met sally’. beautiful show. a must watch!

yet, i feel cynical. sometimes, its better to remain friends. so many people get into a relationship and then break up.

and the friendship is lost.

just like that.

im guilty of it.

some ex-es, i just cant be friends with anymore.

so, next time, if you have a friend that you are attracted to, stay away. dont ruin the friendship.

its not worth it.

how many friends i have seen gotten together? seems all loving and all.

a few years later? all broke up. the only one i see holding out strong? colin and rachel chong. if they ever break up, there is no true love.

dun get me wrong. its not that i dont believe in love. i do. but how often does love last? i dunno.

do i?

i dunno.

i really dunno.


men: life’s greatest enigma. u confuse me.

aside from tat, i think i offended someone. if you read this, im sorry. i thought it was a joke…

sighz. seems like everything i do, seems wrong. everything i touch, crumbles to dust. like a medusa. instead you turn into stone instead.

i wanna blog about whats on my mind. yet i cant. cause… they’ll be reading it.

oh well.

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