i spent 40 bucks at wala yesterday.

on orange juice. tmd. (no alcohol at all! or redbull for that matter)

it seems that everyone that i have met or talked to, says that i have been clubbing/pubbing too much.

have i?

i realised that i have been drinking a lot (as compared to last time) now. from once a week to twice a week to thrice a week.

and i have been nagged at by people who care.

alright alright! i get your point!!! i wont blog about me clubbing/pubbing so that you wont know club/pub so much anymore.

anyway, the bachelor thingy is finally over.

and guess who won. lets just say…. the winner got cheated. and the bachelor is a cheeky monkey!

tsk tsk. alright, to my dear friends, who have been bugging me to drink less, stay home more, club less yada yada yada and be a good girl…

ill be a good girl for you guys k? (after all im already abstaining from redbull now…)

speaking of redbull. remember the other fella who i took a bet with? all his friends tempting me to drink redbull. tmd. everyone helping him.


anyway, ill be a good girl k?

good enough for joo?

[edit] collage of thurs, fri and sat…

click to enlarge.[/edit]

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