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last saturday

went wala wala last week… nice place to chill… chong and i was bored and start making funny faces… shortly after, we left for shen’s place. de guys played mahjong and de gals watched kungfu mahjong.

damn funny!

chitong mei mei!


went with my colleagues to a launch. to be exact the launch of vino vino bar.

was pampered with free drinks, and lotsa food.

popped down to o bar after dat. bunch of fun and crazy ladies. we must do this again!


a certain chan got free tix to ballet under de stars… hahaa. was pampered again. wahahaha. all i had to bring was my small pillow.

snacks, drinks and mat was provided.

nice! i missed out on all the movies under de stars and starlite cinema last year… oh well…

we watched the little mermaid. it was more like ballet under de clouds though… hahhaa. thanks for de tickets! cant wait for nutcracker!

zoomed down to zouk after that. somebody neva warn me lor. i was clad in tee-shirt, 3/4s and sandals. -_-“

chilled and well. i got a lil high. *sings: because i got high, because i got high, because i got hiiiiiiiiiiigh*

i think im growing old. seem to prefer chilling then dancing now… hmmmm.


argh. rush rush day. left my wallet with chan mali chan de day b4. had to grab a cab to katong to meet him.

had the infamous katong laksa. yum. somehow or rather my tummy didnt agree with it after. oh well.

SOMEBODY was late. causing me to be late after that. and in de end? arrived 30 mins late for salsa. 8 bloody bucks gone. -_-“

missed out on a shines move. but learned back to back copa. FUN!

after tat rushed over to stacie’s. sorry only could stay a while babe.

stayed about 30 mins and spent 90 mins travelling to hard rock. bah. damn jam @ city hall.

theme was anything lime. but the birthday girl onlie wore lime earrings. hahaha. almost everyone was more lime. met lotsa bsc peeps. woot.

missed them! camwhore time!

birthday girl was saboh-ed on stage to sing ‘what can i do’ by the corrs. my fave song! took a video of that. blackmail material 😀

rushed down to suntec to support my exboss spinning. rather quiet event. after tat rushed to zouk. chilled.

i cant believe i spent 30+ buckaroos on 3 tequila shots! wth?!?!


off was home sweet home…


met up wiv jenny, simon (jenny’s lil cute bro) and mr kenny chan. went to changi beach club. woot. jenny drove. all of us were pampered with rides to and from.

dont go swimming with ariel or kenny. they spit atcha. bah. had a nice swim, they bowled. and jenny and i jackpot-ted.

hahhaa. beginners luck.

i won $125. well i spent 25. so… i won S$100!

erm. money to recoup my losses from taxi-ing and zouking.

had to treat my mum to dinner. bah. 60 bucks gone. guess didnt recoup much losses after all. bah.

paiseh neva treat u guys. *hides face*

next time when i win more k? i love jackpot! was rather tired after de whole weekend tat i slept 11 hours. woot.

no weekend next week though. gotta work. and gonna miss salsa again. ARGH!

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