if your photogenic: means you look ok only in person but cheat the whole world in your pictures..

if you look better in person: you look effing ugly in pictures. stop taking those weird pictures!

if you use photoshop: u big fake you. stop cheating the world!

if you dont use photoshop: aiyoh. ur pics ah. no creativity!

if you camwhore: u vainpot.

if you are camera-shy: so tao. dun wanna take pics.

if you use makeup: bluff the world. ugly without makeup.

if you dun use makeup: stupid girl. dunno how to use makeup to enhance your looks.

there is no pleasing the world.

sidenote: interesting aint it? when u have a job, u’ll get job offers and when ur jobless, its effing hard to get a job aint it? got 2 emails suddenly asking me if if i was interested in applying for a few events position. hmmm. one of the offers was rather interesting.


temptation. temptation.

i’ll stick to emco of course!

ahahaa. kingmeng asked me if i was working here. LOL. nope. 😛

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