Friends Pictures
guess wat is tis?

hahaha. recently went for dinner at nooch wiv an old fren of mine…

went out wiv jireh and he ‘made’ something …

and its a..

palm tree!!!!

somehow, it looks more crab to me… wat do u tink?

hhahaha. nice catching up wiv u bro…

anyone wanna knoe tis cute fella? msg me. hahaha. matchmake him wiv u! hahaha.

he is a chinese, a leo, 170cm, cute looking, good hair, can play guitar and sing (ONE BIG POINT to me that is), erm..

he is good wiv computers, he will turn 21 tis year and will be going for his pilot test in australia soon.

an eligible bachelor my dear frens..

lets have a reality show..



send me ur resumes and why do u wanna date him and i may hook u guys up.

but dun u dare treat him bad! my special fren yeah!

hahahaa. he is so gonna freak when he reads tis 😀

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