i must be getting old.

just came back from o bar with billy goat.

this is the second time that i have went clubbing and only drank and am too tired to even dance.

i just sat at the bar and drank. and drank.

lazy old me fell asleep in his car for an hour plus? (i think)

and in the end, i didnt get to eat my icecream!!!!!

oh well. there is always tomorrow… did i mention that i went for a cut and colour recently this week? and i have the stupidest bangs now?

yesh. toot toot old me.

yawnz. i must be getting old. time to sleep… and to stoned.nerd, enjoy your trip!!!

anyone for heavenly country pot pie from coffee bean, icecream from swensens and delish cheese crayfish and steak pasta from spaggedies?

i’m craving for goooood food. yum.

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