What? I must pay $20 for a software upgrade?!

As some of you guys know, i’ve been pretty pleased with my iPod Touch (otherwise known as iTouch from now on). It’s pretty, sleek and easy on the eye, what’s there not to like? Infact, I once wrote a piece on Apple versus Creative for my Consumer Behaviour assignment.

It’s pretty obvious that I’m an Apple fan. Well I was a fan until I stumbled onto this rather interesting article.

Apparently there will be an upgrade for the iTouch. I’m fine with that, who wouldn’t be? There’ll be added features like notes, mail (fabulous!) and many other nifty features. BUT i’ll have to pay $20 for the software upgrade.

Not that I’m being a scrooge here, but I seriously do not understand why we’ll have to pay for the upgrade. (and yes, I know all you Creative fans are gonna start saying ‘I told you so’)

Maybe I should have been a laggart instead and purchased the iTouch at a later date. Why do i say so? That’s because ALL new iTouch(es) will come with the new software installed!!

What do you think? Do you think its unreasonable of Apple or it’s perfectly fine with you?


  1. If you think of it as a mini computer, then paying for a software upgrade is fair.

    But it should be thought of as consumer electronics instead, where upgrades for things like this (ie. firmware) is available for free. For example, Microsoft’s Xbox360 and Sony’s PS3 get free firmware upgrades all the time.

    But Apple is Apple – if you are a fanboi or fangrrl, then this is the price that you have to pay. But you all look sooo cool what! 😛


  2. the issue here is not whether paying for upgrades is fair… it’s the fact that early adopters get screwed again as…

    ALL new iPod Touch will come with the new software installed.

    so if you bought yours early. Well…


  3. Early adopters shouldn’t be the ones to be ‘penalised’ right? They are the ones who keep the hype going before early majority kicks in.


  4. This is the same company that offered a 200 dollar discount for the iphone 2 months after its launch in US. They are known for screwing early adopters, next up will be Macbook Air buyers.