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Dove’s Daily Treatment Conditioner.


As with most females, I love playing dress-up at times. I would doll up, put on my favourite makeup and style my hair. While I haven’t been most adventurous with my hair, I do a fair bit of curling and straightening as you can see in the pictures below.

Straight hair with the usage of a straightening iron.

Lovely waves with the usage of a curling tong.

As you can see, I’m pretty fickle minded. Sometimes I would want to have curls, luscious voluminous curls and sometimes I just want my hair ramrod straight.

To achieve these looks, I tend to torture my hair with the almost daily tonging/straightening. Aside from that, I colour my hair very frequently. I hate seeing growouts. I think its the ugliest thing ever. Imagine super black growouts with your lovely red/brown hair? Eck!

As a result, my hair tends to be very dry, brittle and I tend to suffer from split ends.

And how do I try to save my hair?

By using these!

Dove has combined both a treatment mask and a conditioner into one fab product!

The Daily Treatment Conditioner is ideal for busy women like you and me, who would rather treat our damaged hair on a daily basis. I would rather use a conditioner everyday than to use a mask once a week. I bought a few masks before but I would forget to use it! As what the Dove people would say: After all, why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? That’s the philosophy behind Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner: an every-day solution to everyday hair problems.

Here’s the difference between the 2 Daily Treatment Conditioner.

The Intense Damage Therapy is suitable for those whose hair is extra damaged from chemical treatments. Intense Damage Therapy Treatment fills in every small crack on the damaged cuticle.

While Dove’s Dry Therapy is suitable for those whose hair is extra dry from heat and styling. Dry Therapy Treatment moisturises the driest parts of the hair surface.

Both give the assurance of extra daily damage repair. Regular usage of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner will restore your hair to its natural beauty and help repair damage caused by thermal, chemical and other causes.

Dove Dry Therapy Daily Treatment Conditioner and Dove Intense Damage Therapy Daily Treatment Conditioner are available in Singapore at leading hypermarkets, in all major supermarkets and personal care stores. At the affordable price of just $5.50. For more information on the products, you can check out

Aside from that, if you have some time, you can try out the “Choose my hairstyle” application in the website! You can try mixing and matching different hairstyles and see which hair style might be suitable for you.

I tried one but the picture I submitted wasn’t suitable, I didn’t really have a pic of myself with my hair up and fringe away thus I’ll have to make do with this. (My camera is spoilt. argh. Haven’t saved up to buy one. :/)

Please ignore the messy bits. You can try mixing with different hairstyles like afros, bangs, pixie looks with different hair colours. I think it’s really cute!

Do check out!

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