anyway, check tis out. koped from someone’s blogs…

3 backpackers were looking for a hotel, they stumbled upon one going for $30 a night. They each paid $10 and headed to their room. The manager, realizing there was a discount on all rooms for the night, sent the bellboy to return $5. In the room, they agreed it was difficult to spilt the $5. “We will take $1 each and give you $2”; each backpacker paid $9. Multiply $9 and 3 people = $27. Add that and $2 tip they gave the bell boy = $29.

What happened to the last dollar?

de best answer gets one of these:-

1) a hug from me
2) help with webbie
3) meet up for dinner and i treat u coffee (kopitiam type wor. nad’s payday not here yet)
4) i’ll share with u how i get my ‘lobangs’.
5) a kiss from me (guys onlie. wahahhahaa. eh. actually dear onlie. :X)
6) ur pic on my blog for one day!
7) i’ll write abt u on my blog!
8) u choose de next color scheme of my blog (stay on blog for one week)
9) a free 2B pencil
10) u choose de next song on my blog (stay on blog for one day)

wahahhahaa. please write ur answer on tis comments function, not tag and choose ur winning prize. (one onlie!).

hahaha. i will choose de best answer. contest ends 27th August 11.59pm singapore time. enjoy!

thus, till the contest ends, no blogging will be done. heh. =)

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