yes.. nad is drooling over a new camera she saw today… de thing is, its almost exactly like her current camera… its de…


beautiful fone. love de size (exactly like my samsung s300) and it has a camera and can take videos…

but was tinking tat i dun need a camera fone as i have a camera.. well, sorta have a camera, share share with me mum… hmmm. temptation!

anyway, long day today… went out with mira… first we went to de bank, saw an insurance plan tat was tempting… its for 15 years and i have to put in $200 a month and interest would be 3% – 5% which is WAY more than de normal interest. but can onlie remove after 15 years. should i? hmmm. so if i get tis plan, by the time i can withdraw de cash, i would have 36k minimum, but isnt 35 too late? hmmm. i tink i would need de money long long b4 to get married, not tat im thinking of marriage anytime now, but i would wanna be married b4 im 30, or 28 for the matter…

hmmm… *ponder*, had fun with mira, we went to comic connection next, bought some cutesy arty stuff, hahaha, then went to tampines to hunt for mira’s book. met ken at starhub, and went to eat lunch with him @ macs… after tat went to de IQ place at tm and got addicted! me and mira bought a puzzle! it cost 10 bucks… im still in shock tat i bought it…. but its soooo bloody addictive! 😛

last minute, decided to go to de motivators appreciation nite… dumb thing to do. de onlie good thing was de food… hahhaa. ok, im biased against touch… anyway, from wat i heard from mira, TERRY is a stucked up, proud and f**king ass. how dare he say such remarks! ass…

anyway, enuf abt touch, here are some of my office pics i managed to take. :P, i wanna buy cutesy stuff for me office!

de printer area… wah, got code to key in, so can monitor who print wat! 😛

my desk! i love de office! its so bright and cosy!

cutesy stuff my boss hung in de office! i love de spidey!

my m)phosis pouch which holds my camera!

boss treated me dinner here! its cafe cartel! juz opposite my office..

i had tis! dory fish with sambal! nice but too spicy… PEDAS!

boss had pork ribs… looks damn delish!

tats abt all de pics… tomolo will be another photo fiesta! will be going out for movie with dear and watching fireworks after tat! shall upload pic of me iq game tomolo!

back to de iq game!


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