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that thing about stonegrill (again!)…

remember stonegrill?

some time ago, i found out that they had a lunch special! $9.90 for main course, soup & drink! i dragged my best friend cum makan kaki thebeanmaster to accompany me…

hohoho. its weird to see me wearing red. even a bit of it. but its time to wear brighter clothes!

you cant see my pink hair here!

outfit for the day: cutesy cherry top, red heart + wings necklace.

on our way, i spotted a cute kitty!

the kitty was using the bike as a headrest. soooo cute!

after a looooooong bus trip, we finally reached stonegrill.

thebeanmaster starving… how come he has that orientation shirt? i want!

the mushroom soup. imo, it was pretty watery and bland. 🙁

me. my hair is super dry man 🙁 was feeling tired and sick.

thebeanmaster had the catch of the ocean which was the pacific dory. tasted ok only. i still love their steak! unfortunately, they do not offer steak for set lunch. sobs.

i had the chicken thigh. was a big serving imo, was good except that the sauce was a bit too lumpy. the mashed potato was good as always.

nadnut’s rating (taking in account of service + food.):

3 thoughts on “that thing about stonegrill (again!)…”

  1. HI MADNUT!!! Ooooops! NADnut! Hahahaha

    Can’t believe I chance upon your blog from that One Thousand Bloggers thingy. Interesting!

    Still the same comment. I lvoe that hair!


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