Please humour me.

Yesterday, I was walking back from dinner with Tiger and I saw a HUGE cage. Well, it looked like a cage to me. Tiger explained that it was actually an offering thingy. (What do you call it? It’s too huge to call a bin). It was HUMONGOUS. It looked big enough that maybe 30 – 50 nadnuts can be standing inside it!


So here’s a little conversation between Tiger and me…

Tiger: It’s for offerings where people burn stuff for their loved ones etc etc.
Tiger: Imagine the polution!
nadnut: Hmmmm.
nadnut: Why do they have to burn offerings? Why not consider E-offerings?
Tiger: *arches an eyebrow*
nadnut: *on a roll* Everything is done online now! We can shop for essentials, clothes, furniture and even look for jobs online! WTH, even people find relationships online now!
nadnut: They should have E-offerings! Then there won’t be so much pollution!
Tiger: *amused* And how the heck are they gonna receive it?
nadnut: Well, we’ll burn them a computer or a laptop! And even an instruction manual for those old fogeys who are not computer savvy! Hell, if they can burn credit cards, why not E-offerings?!
Tiger: *sniggers*
nadnut: Don’t you think that it’s a great idea?!
Tiger: Oh look! What do you want to eat? *changes subject*
nadnut: -____-“

But seriously, don’t you think it’s a fab idea? There won’t be so much polution around and people won’t have to tire themselves burning those offerings!


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3 thoughts on “E-offerings?”

  1. agreed. im all for it. go, nad. start and e-offerings website. haha…

    that way i wont come home to find my bathroom filled with ashes left over from the burning of offerings simply because i forgot to close that tiny 50cm X 70cm window. 🙁


  2. I don’t like the burning of offerings simply because it emits carbon like nobody’s business lo. But so is driving. Damn.


  3. Sorry to pour cold water on the idea, nadnut. I really doubtful about the “workability” of the e-offering idea simply because most of the pple who burns the incense papers are the old conservatives(who can’t accept new ideas…oops! sounds like I am discriminating the old… Don’t get me wrong! I am NOT SAYING ALL old people are stubborn and conservative).


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